Jan 30 - 2024

Taylor Swift Rules The World and Joe Rogan Is Unwell?

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

Lochlin and I watched A LOT of Football this weekend and we both ate like assholes. Find out how many calories Dean crushed on Sunday watching the Conference Championship games. Is it wrong to eat two massive bags of nibs??

#TaylorSwift DID NOT dominate your TV this weekend. Dean tells you exactly how many seconds T Swizz was on your TV during the 3 hour broadcast.

We also discussed the emerging conspiracy theories around T/ Swizz and the NFL.

1. Roger Goodell is working with the Biden admin to have her announce her support to Joe DURING the Superbowl

2. Taylor practices demonic Luciferian witchcraft and she’s planning on using her sorcery to keep Trump out of the Whitehouse.

We discuss the merits of both. LOLZ.

Joe Rogan is lost; according to Lochlin, he’s stuck in COVID Mode. Many people are because their brains are friends, but some people need that community, or they’ll never leave their parent’s basement/be able to grift again. But COVID and everything around COVID is a strategy to drive people to an emotional or financial response.

We pivot to the #CONVOY Reunion this weekend and the anti-convoy demonstration. They were indistinguishable. Dean knows why.

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