Nov 6 - 2016

Terry Evans is 6’5″ and Intimidating

About the Episode

Terry Evans has been an Edmonton radio mainstay for 36 years. I know this because 18 years ago, he reminded me that he has been in radio for 18 years. He has been written off and told time and time again that his time is over; yet maintains a solid following and entrenchment into the community. We could all learn from Terry; which is why he is on the podcast this week.

Also I provide a small take on the American Election. I wrote a full blog about it here – but also shared audio from Van Jones about presidents who master new mediums.

Randy Renaud’s new radio feature is called “Myths & Legends” and deserves your attention. This is what happens when you write well and match it with incredible production. If you want the series for your station please contact him [email protected]

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