Big Kris
Oct 14 - 2017

The Boulevardier

About the Episode

Thanks to those who sent me some messages regarding the last episode. I read a few notes that came in after publishing Ep#76 in this new podcast and delve into the term ‘Boulevardier’ which I first heard used to describe Montreal writer and politician Nick Auf der Maur. His approach to community, commentary and well, life, has been an indirectly influential part of my career. Feeling blue? apparently Magic Mushrooms can ‘reset’ a depressed brain. Will parliament ever legalize Magic Mushrooms like they have Cannabis. As a betting man I’d say no.. because the term ‘Magic Mushrooms’ sounds stupid, it’s as simple as that. This week’s music chat follows up on the ‘Brothers Gallagher’ from Oasis who’s rivalry goes deeper than just twitter and interview jabs, now they’re releasing albums and singles at the same time. Who wins this week? I share my thoughts. Friday’s are always fun because new music gets released before the weekend. I was at the record release party for One Bad Son Thursday I chat about the experience and highlight their new single ‘Scream For Me’ as well as feature samples from the brand new Glorious Sons album ‘Young Beauties and Fools’ and wrap with a shout-out to Barrie Ontario’s ‘RIP Nancies’.

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