Aug 9 - 2022

The FBI Conducted A Legal Search of Mar-A-Lago & Donald Trump Is Going To Big Boy Jail

The Dean Blundell Show

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The FBI conducted a legal search of Mar-A-Lago and Donald Trump is going to big boy jail soon.

Timeline of the ‘raid’ is fascinating:

Trump has been in New Jersey at his Bedminster golf course all summer, and the FBI went into Mar-A-Lago early in the morning, removing a PILE of stolen presidential archives based on National Security concerns. What that means is anyone’s guess. Maybe he’s selling state secrets. Maybe they picked up his penis pump. All We know is the burden of proof to raid a former President’s home means the FBI has some serious fucking dirt on Donald Trump and the response from MAGAts has been hilarious.

We go over the reaction and play “What’s In Donald Trump’s Safe’!

Reactions for extra stupid conservatives on both sides of the border have been absolutely fucking hilarious.

Trump’s victim excuse is the BEST and a shared strategy by alt-right news outlets and shit posters like Rupa Subramanya who published d a fake news story about Canada’s vaccine mandates. Turn’s out they all work for Russia in some way shape or form according to a new study out of the University of Calgary.

Why The F do we go on vacations? We work way too hard to spend 2 out of 52 weeks in the bush shitting in outhouses.

Ryan Lindley Explains.

How to fart in crowded elevators and lawn dart’s are a thing again!

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