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Mar 6 - 2024

The Legacy of Brian Mulroney

About the Episode

Today, we’re delving into the legacy of former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney with Stuart Murray, who shares firsthand memories from Mulroney’s 1984 election campaign. We discuss Mulroney’s leadership, his efforts to unite Canada, and the controversies surrounding his government’s decisions. Despite criticism, Mulroney was known for bold thinking, evidenced by his free trade agreement with the US and Mexico, which polarized opinions. We also explore Mulroney’s personal relationships with global leaders and his post-political advocacy work. Stuart’s passion for human rights extends to his vision of Winnipeg as a hub for international human rights education, with the Canadian Museum for Human Rights at its forefront. Join us as we reflect on Mulroney’s legacy and imagine Winnipeg’s potential as a beacon for human rights advocacy.

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