the Cool Nerd Weed Show
Jan 30 - 2024

The Nerds Go Deep Into Florida!

About the Episode

The nerds are back and TW: This episode is all about Florida cannabis! Spoiler alert, it involves corruption, scandal and Ron DeSantis is at the head of it all. We dissect CNN’s article on how big cannabis company Trulieve was involved in DeSantis’s political career and how it means the upcoming Florida legal market is in a world of trouble. And finally, we Huff and Puff on the absolutely ludicrous THC caps that the Florida lawmakers are already attempting to put on legal weed–we can’t believe what we are reading! But always remember, the nerds have your back, so don’t panic! It’s organic!

DISCLAIMER! The Nerds love the Floridians and the state of Florida. We just have strong opinions on who’s running the place and what they are doing to our beloved cannabis reform.

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