Sep 13 - 2022

The Queen is Dead but there’s a new Outlaw in town

About the Episode

Well boys and girls, there’s a new outlaw in town, and this apartment ain’t big enough for the 3 of us.

Welcome to the throuple we call Minimal Filters and today we bring to you :

– The MFER of the week
– Our professional advice with Love language
– The Nails of Funniest Things to See on a Night Out
– And then we end off with a Shower Thoughts of the Day

Time Stamps:

02:25 – Jason and Nathan’s Prank on Kale
09:55 – MFer of the week
20:06 – Love language
24:22 – NAILS of Funniest Things to See on a Night Out
43:15 – Shower thoughts

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