Sep 27 - 2022

The Rapture Didn’t Happen & Jeremy McKenzie Sexually Threatened Pierre Polievre’s Wife

The Dean Blundell Show

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Welcome to Monday!!!!

BIG show today.

Comedian and author Brad Gosse joins us to pimp a series of adult kids’ books. He’ll explain. Pretty sure she’s sold more books than JK Rowling, but I MAY be wrong.

The Rapture didn’t happen, and Evangelicals are VERY pissed they are not in Haven this morning. What is the Rapture? We explain, but it’s as fucking INSANE as you think. Floating dead bodies and real people being sucked up into heaven. I, for one and shocked it didn’t happen. Dean grew up in this religion, and he explained it perfectly.

Jeremy Mckenzie from alt-white extremist group Diagolon sexually threatened Pierre Poilievre’s wife, and HOOOOOOOO is he ever angry. He’s right, there’s no place for this kind of violent rhetoric in Canada. HOEVER, he met with and used Jeremy and members of his alt-right group of assholes to court the alt-right vote. Jeremy has used sexually threatening language against several females and female journalists during Pierre’s run to the AL-Right leadership of the CPC. When asked about it it the past, Pierre stayed silent, until today.

Can you gin up the mob and turn it off anytime you want? I don’t think so.

Jamie Sale got dumber over the weekend and Jimmy is back with a preview of his new Andor podcast!!!

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