Aug 11 - 2020

The Story Behind Behind Buns and Abs of Steel with Tamilee Webb

About the Episode

Tamilee Webb is an internationally acclaimed fitness guru, sometimes referred to as America’s Most Trusted Fitness Instructor, who is the star of the famous Buns of Steel fitness videos that have been around since the 1980s. Between appearing on Fit TV, ESPN, being inducted to the Fitness Hall of Fame with other legends such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jane Fonda, authoring four best-selling books, and offering digital download workout series to adapt to the changing world, Tamilee is still one of the most trusted fitness sources out there. Her down-to-earth attitude, drive, passion, and charm make for a fun, challenging workout experience. This week, Tamilee shares fitness and body advice, struggles, stories of childhood, education, family, loss, health concerns, and more; her unique life, great attitude, and wisdom spread the message of resilience and a woman’s strength.

For more on Tamilee, her journey, and her fitness products, visit her Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or her website, where you can redeem promo code INNERCIRCLE to save money on your subscription! Again, just use the coupon code INNERCIRCLE at checkout and save 40% on all 12 month, 3 month and monthly offers. It’s Tamilee’s way of thanking you for listening.

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