Jul 8 - 2022

Theo Fleury & Jamie Sale Are Deep Down The Rabbit Hole And Embarrassing Canada & Canada Is Becoming A Religious Cult Wasteland Because Of Stephen Harper, Pierre Polievre & The Plymouth Brethren Church

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

Welcome back to the Thuirsday edition of the DBS, where we feature:

– Former Canadian Icons Theo Fleury and Jamie Sale trading their souls for some religious cash and a one-way trip to a lifetime of legitimate shame and two of the biggest conspiracy shitbirds on the planet

Theo spent the week in NEW YORK meeting with Rogers Stone, Donald Trump fuck trophies, Eric, and Don Jr. Maybe they did a bunch of coke, maybe they talked about the woke mob, or MAYBE, they sat around jerking each other off. Either way, Theo’s evolution into a full-on Qanon trump-loving crackhead is complete.

Former Canadian figure skating darling, Jamie Sale, is insane now too. She’s spent the last year BEGGING mortals to live in the light of her christ while demanding science, vaccines, and anyone who may have died, including former Leaf Bryan Marchment who passed away yesterday at the age of 53. Jamie pimped his death as vaccine-related without knowing anything about Bryan or his medical history, because she’s a garbage human whose brain is full of Qanon poison.

James Difiore stops by to talk about Canada turning into a religious cult wasteland thanks to Stephen Harper, Pierre Poilievre, and the Plymouth Brethren Church. You see Stephen’s connected to them and swore an oath to Canada on a PBCC bible with several cult members front and center for Harper’s swearing-in ceremony. Who did HArper make his principal secretary? A 23-year-old Pierre Poilievre ad James has the REST of the story.

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