May 7 - 2019

There is Hope in Grief with Carmen Victoor

About the Episode

Our guest this week opens up about a complicated, painful, but extremely important topic — grief. Carmen Victoor helps others deal with their grief from the professional standpoint of a trained counselor. However, she also had an intensely personal experience that shaped her perspective on loss and healing. She steps in the Inner Circle to discuss that it’s okay to be lost in the unknown when grieving, why there isn’t a perfect timeline and a one size fits all approach to grief, and how we can support a grieving person.

What You’ll Hear in This Episode: Carmen’s own personal story about unbelievable loss, and the grief she experienced both physically and mentally. How she is honoring the gifts her daughter left behind by taking it one day at a time and just enjoying the present moment with wonder and curiosity. Everyone’s grief is serious to them, and we should not try to compare the experience of our others to our own. One of the biggest misconceptions of an individual who is grieving is that they are alone, and it will last forever. It is crucial to understand we are never alone. It’s okay to be stuck. And even more okay to be stuck for longer than you think it should take. All parts of us are affected by grief at points in our life, and it often manifests itself mentally or physically in ways that can feel overwhelming. The difference between grief and bereavement. Why we withdraw and disconnect through times of immense grief and loss. Why we need a good support system around us — even just one person that can listen can make a huge difference. What to offer people who just experienced loss, and how to show love and support in a healthy way. That it’s important to be gentle to ourselves and others and realize the biggest gift you can give to someone is to hold their presence and story.

Quotes: “She taught us how to live, and how to enjoy life.” “We learn from those who have walked the journey before us.” “You need someone to walk this journey with.” “Grief is not pretty.” “Grief is so frightening. It robs us of our breath.” “As long as your tears aren’t frightening you, it’s a good beginning.”

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