Oct 13 - 2022

Tim Wendelboe (World Renowned Coffee Roaster & Champion Barista)

Do Did Will

About the Episode

It’s no secret that Tim Wendelboe is one of my favorite coffee roasters in the world. Located in Oslo, Norway; Tim has one of the most unique coffee shops in the world. It’s a fully functioning Aeropress cafe with a roastery attached and a coffee lab in the back!

Today, Tim stops by to discuss the current state of the coffee business, what’s happening with HIS business since the pandemic began, and what might be next.

Also, Is the world really running out of Arabica Coffee Beans? What does that mean?

How does the business set the coffee bean pricing?

How easy is it to roast at home or start a farm?

All this and more from one of my greatest discoveries around this amazing planet of ours!

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