Jan 22 - 2019

To Shattering the Glass Ceiling with Shara Vigeant

About the Episode

Shara is a strong voice for positive body image, strength and fitness for a full life, and women finding their voice in a male dominated sport. She talks with Carrie about her career in the UFC and MMA, how she went through, and overcame the results of years of extreme training, and ways she pushes herself to the limit both in fitness and business. She talks of the watershed moments that stood out as a sign she was on the right path, of her strength and conditioning coaching career, challenges that arise, and why we shouldn’t be afraid to share our mistakes.

What You’ll Hear in This Episode: How Shara would describe the MMA world, and the ways she has had to adapt and evolve over the past 10 years. Her battle with weight loss and body issues, and her realization that happiness doesn’t come from comparing herself to others. The intense and extreme training and diet that came with Shara’s experience in bodybuilding competition. Shara’s complete metabolic burnout that uprooted her entire present life and made her focus more on a balance and restorative health. Her decision to leave office life and renovate her own studio for training. The skills that Shara feels are crucial for good leadership in fitness and health. How her first fighter, Travis, helped Shara forge a path for future success, and gave her the necessary confidence to train other athletes. The way Shara thrives and commands respect as a female in a male dominated sport. A behind the scenes look at what goes on in a fight and the watershed moments along the way in UFC that showed Shara how far she had come. The courageous and vulnerable 90 minute speech Shara gave for the National Strength and Conditioning Association that exposed every mistake she made in her career. Why we should stop letting social media define how we look and how our fitness should be. How body dysmorphia even affects men, and the ways Shara implements cutting weight in a healthy way with her trainees.

Quotes: “I’ve always been the helping person.” “The perfect business model is to give the client what they deserve with no pressure sales.” “I can’t put up my hand and ask for special treatment because I’m a girl. You have to blend in.” “I had to find the happy medium and figure out how to bring out the best of my fighters.” “How boring would this world be if we all looked the same?”

Mentioned: The Starvation Study That Changed the World Invicta NSCA UFC Performance Institute

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