Aug 21 - 2022

Toronto FC “fall short of picking up a much-needed three points”

About the Episode

Qualifying for the playoffs was hard enough as it is for Toronto FC. Securing only one of a possible six-points makes the task seem impossible now. Toronto FC flew down to Florida to take on David Beckham owned Inter Miami. TFC started the game three-points behind Miami, and when the final whistle blew, TFC trailed Inter by six-points. Saturday’s loss is a devastating blow for Toronto’s playoff chances. I made the importance of today’s game pretty obvious on Twitter. With seven-games remaining on the Reds schedule it’s not impossible for Toronto to make the playoffs, but I also wouldn’t say it’s probable. There were a lot of things that went wrong for TFC Saturday night. The strikers couldn’t score. The defense was sloppy. Federico Bernardeschi went down way too easy in the box way too many times. But, the guy who is being blamed for this loss is keeper Alex Bono. For the second straight game Bono let in a Howler, and for the second straight game TFC had to play from behind because of poor goalkeeping. TFC fans are mad, and they’re not holding back.

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