Oct 14 - 2022

Toronto Maple Leafs are 1-1 , Is this years Leaf team any different?

About the Episode

The Toronto Maple Leafs are 1-1 to start the season and we spend this episode asking ourselves, is this years Leaf team any different? After a lackluster performance in Montreal, the Leafs bounced back with a nice win at home over the Washington Capitals. A trend we saw many times last season. We also share our positives from the first two games and discuss some of Sheldon Keefe’s lineup decisions.

0:00 – Intro/ the first two games

04:18 – Goaltending and the second line

07:03 – The bottom 6 and Muzzin & Holl’s continued struggles

14:01 – Is this years Leafs team any different?

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