Nov 3 - 2022

Toronto Maple Leafs beat up on Philadelphia Flyers & beef between Mitch Marner and Sheldon Keefe?

About the Episode

The Toronto Maple Leafs got back in the win column after an encouraging performance at home against the Philadelphia Flyers. We discuss John Tavares and William Nylanders continued excellence and break down what the Leafs can take from these team going forward. Next, is there beef between Mitch Marner and Sheldon Keefe? We discuss the drama in Anaheim and try to make sense of the situation.

0:00 – Intro

01:42 – Tavares and Nylanders excellent start continues

05:50 – Justin Holl booed on home ice

07:19 – What went right for the Leafs

09:31 – Beef between Marner and Keefe?

17:00 – The Leafs have a depth issue

24:03 – The truth lies somewhere in the middle

33:45 – Rob spent the weekend with Bills Mafia

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