Oct 23 - 2022

Toronto Maple Leafs beat Winnipeg Jets, Nick Robertson, Wayne Simmonds, Auston Matthews & more

About the Episode

Are the Toronto Maple Leafs tough enough? After showing some pushback in a big win over the Winnipeg Jets, we try and answer the most polarizing question in Leafs Nation. Is Nick Robertson here to stay? Should Wayne Simmonds be an every day player? and are we concerned about Auston Matthews health? We discuss all this and take a spin around the NHL in our first edition of “Buying or Selling?”.

0:00 – Intro

0:43 – Are the Leafs tough enough?

08:56 – Ilya Samsonov is the MVP thus far

10:11 – John Tavares has been excellent thus far

12:20 – Nick Robertson is here to stay, thanks for coming out, Denis!

16:44 – Is Auston Matthews healthy?

18:49 – The Reverse Retro Uni is here

23:25 – ‘Buying or Selling’ around the NHL

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