Jun 1 - 2023

Toronto Maple Leafs introduce Brad Treliving and Kyle Dubas lands with the Pittsburgh Penguins

About the Episode

The Toronto Maple Leafs introduced Brad Treliving as the team’s 18th General Manager on Thursday and we’re back to break it all down. We give our take on the Treliving hire, his comments during his introductory press conference, the Auston Matthews contract extension and Sheldon Keefe potentially sticking around. We also discuss Brendan Shanahan’s bizarre few weeks since and what his real role is behind the scenes. Finally, we touch on Kyle Dubas being named President of Hockey Operations with the Pittsburgh Penguins and the strange wake he’s left behind with some of the Toronto sports media.

(0:00) – Intro/Treliving is named new Leafs GM

(03:38) – Treliving has his work cut out for him

(08:30) – This Leafs ‘core 4’ will likely return next season

(12:50) – Auston Matthews next contract

(17:02) – Will Sheldon Keefe be back behind the bench?

(22:17) – Let’s give Treliving a fair shake

(25:06) – Brendan Shanahan’s bizarre behaviour

(28:55) – Its time to let Kyle Dubas go

(43:45) – Who’s going to win the Stanley Cup?

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