Oct 26 - 2022

Toronto Maple Leafs roller coaster continues, have the players tuned out Sheldon Keefe?

About the Episode

Never a dull moment with the Toronto Maple Leafs. After another disappointing outing in Las Vegas, we discuss the Leafs lack of depth in their bottom 6 and what’s up with Auston Matthews and Mitch Marner? Next, after walking back his ‘elite player’ comments last week, has Sheldon Keefe’s message grown stale? Have the players tuned him out? We discuss all that and more!

0:00 – Intro

01:46 – The bottom 6 is a problem

03:11 – Have the players tuned out Sheldon Keefe?

06:10 – Whats up with Matthews and Marner?

08:15 – Sheldon Keefe’s ‘elite players’ comments

16:33 – Stats vs Reality

23:47 – Culture and lack of depth

31:17 – Ilya Samsonov continues to impress

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