Jun 19 - 2020

Torts, Toronto, and Terrible Shrek Takes feat. Kierra aka Keeks

About the Episode

This week, we adopted a new format, more of a roundtable of sorts. We were all at tables and possibly one of them was round. Keeks_2020 joined us for her first-ever podcasting experience and she was great. Right from the get-go, you’ll hear her star in the viral Torts monologue from CBJ. We dive into Markstrom and Pettersson being shafted in the ranks of top goalies and centers in the NHL going into the playoffs.

We debate who would win the Cup if it came down to it this season: Toronto or Vancouver?

Dudes and Guys continues and is always brought to you by Players Choice Sportscards and Collectibles. This week we debate – Bieksa or Jovanovski?

Stay tuned to the end because Keeks and Brady discuss the next viral Twitter video they will most definitely be a part of. 

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