Jul 5 - 2022

Trudeau Did Not Get Arrested For Treason, Tamara Lich Bail Hearing With Caryma Sa’d, Pierre Poilievere’s Internet Bots Vs Dean/Erotic Wood Video & The 4th Of July

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

We’re BACK!

It was a Canada day Long weekend to DIE for. ALmost.

Despite the #FluTruxKlan’s best efforts Trudeau did not get arrested for Treason on Canada day.

@CarymaRules stops in to talk about what it was like and Tamara Lich’s bail hearing tomorrow.

Pierre Poilievere sent his internet dorks and bots after us for posting a viral picture of him marching with political extremist dinks. Pierre also recorded a Lumber sexual video in french and English, suggesting he was leading the revolution against the government, just like the British people did in 1215 when they signed the Magna Carta. OR, it’s wood porn. You decide. JB helps break it all down.

It’s the fourth of July in the US! They are celebrating with mass shootings (4 at last count) including one in Highpark Illinois that killed 6, injured 25, and yes, It was a young angry white dude who pulled the trigger.

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