Apr 16 - 2024

Trudeau Wealth Tax/Sophie’s “book”/Man Yoga

The Dean Blundell Show

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It’s a big day here at the #DBS:

Lochlin is prepping to take his Yoga Teacher Training. Aside from being a hard-drinking, calf-roping, hearty 54-year-old man from Alberta, he’s in touch with his sensitive side and has decided to become a Yoga Teacher! Lisa from Kootany Yoga School joins us to take Lochlin through what his plant-based, alcohol-free, neon dance party/two-week Yoga retreat in the desert looks like! (If he’s a good boy, he gets to blow bubbles and sit in a hammock with his Yoga Buddy)

Brandon Currie from Sun Life Financial joins us to discuss the Trudeau Government’s unveiling of a new budget today that includes a hefty tax on the wealthiest people in Canada (and corporations, too).

– Who pays?

– Who ACTUALLY will end up paying?

– Threshold for wealth tax

– Where to find cheap booze and the reaction of the average Canadian to the idea the Government might go after Corporate greed.

We end with some fun Trump news, talk about Sophie Trudeau’s new book and an exciting line about how Justin wasn’t “meeting her needs.”

I feel his pain.

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