Aug 31 - 2022

Ukraine War Corespondent Alex Dayrabekov & Scrotox, Botox For Your Balls With Oleka Lyle

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

We welcome Oleka Lyle from Claraderm+ to discuss Scrotox. Botox for your balls. Seriously.

Alex is back! After a month-long break, our Ukraine war correspondent, Alex Dayrabekov, is back to update us on Ukraine’s counter-offensive of Russian-controlled areas of Ukraine.

Ukraine forces pushing back in the North and South.

Dumb Russian troops keep firing on wood decoys.

“Softening the battleground for a full-scale push into Russian-occupied territory. This is what the Ukrainian people have been waiting for. They are taking the fight to Russia, and Alex has details.

We’ll also talk about lonely Russian troops buggering Ukrainian sheep. AAAANNND, there’s video.

CNN got in on dragging Bell media after firing Lisa Laflamme. Bell’s anti-human shenanigans have gone viral internationally. Are we seeing the cancellation of a once proud company that put profit over people?

Joe Rogan and Aaron Rodgers spent a couple of hours dunking on science and medical professionals with 20 years of medical training. You know, like High School bullies. We discuss. Can rich people just make shit up as fact? I think they can.

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