Sep 2 - 2022

Unfiltered With Broadcast Legend Casey Stern & The Boys Go Full Berta In Edmonton

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

Welcome to Friday! We’re cruising into the weekend with of of the best sports broadcasters to pick up a mic, Casey Stern. After spending the better part of 20 years doing the finals in almost every major professional sport, Casey has a new podcast called “Unfiltered” on the BLEAV network and it’s incredible if you love smart takes on everything from Baseball to Basketball to anxiety and getting better at life. Seriously.

Casey’s life too a weird turn a couple of years ago and he’s on an incredible journey.

I’d be an idiot not to talk to him about The Jays stumbling down the stretch like a drunk uncle and what he thinks happened to the Jays at the Trade Deadline and if they shit the bed or struck out at the deadline.

He’ll want to talk about his METS and Edwin Diaz’s entrance stuff too, so we’ll let him.

Ryan made it to Alberta today and he joins us from Army Kris’s basement. He’s never seen more liquor and piot stores and had no idea they still had video lottery terminals in bars. We’ll go back in time with Ryan and Lochlin LIVE in Edmonton.

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