Jan 26 - 2024

Warren Kinsella: Tucker Carlson In Alberta, Danielle Smith & IJC

The Charles Adler Show

About the Episode

Chuck and Warren are back for their Friday dance!

Chuck’s on lead, but Warren brought a bazooka today.


– Racist White Supremacist Tucker Carlson was paid millions to visit Canada’s rebel Province, Alberta, this week. He dubbed it the “Liberate Canada” movement. Warren gave Tucker a second asshole today, and rightfully so. Tucker is a racist opportunist who projects hatred of democracy, immigrants, and the LGBTQ community because he’s an opportunist and a racist who’s projecting against his own (rumored) sexuality. (Like I said, Warren brought a bazooka).

Warren turned his Bazooka on Alberta Premier Danielle Smith for paying and inviting white supremacist Tucker Carlson to two sold-out shows that SHE helped moderate. She’s getting CRUSHED for it today, and Warren wonders how this will affect “Idiot” Danielle Smith, who continues to sell out Canadians to American/MAGA demagoguery because she’s a moron.

Chuck and Warren talk about the IJC decision to absolve Israel of war crimes and how Netanyahu is not ISRAEL. The Israeli people are also not Netanyahu. Also, two tragedies are occurring to foment antisemitism worldwide.

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