Jul 23 - 2019

We Can Always Do Better with Grace Froese

About the Episode

Grace Froese has witnessed the power of forgiveness, compassion, and humility countless times in both her childhood and adulthood. As a young girl, she saw firsthand from her family what it was like to really forgive but not forget, and that what goes around in terms of kindness really does come back around. She talks about the tragic moments of her own life that led her to ultimately have a strong faith in others and a belief that we all deserve a second chance. She talks with Carrie about her role as an Edmonton Drug Court Manager, working at the Edmonton John Howard Society, and the programs they provide to help others in a time of need. She also discusses her personal mission to lessen the number of victims by lessening crime, how she stays positive in her very stressful line of work, and what it is really like being a Manager of Correctional Services at Government of Alberta.

What You’ll Hear in This Episode: Grace was raised in a sheltered community in her early youth and was exposed to the power of forgiveness when her family suffered an unthinkable tragedy. How Grace seeing her father reach out to people of all kinds and welcome them without judgment impacted her so greatly that she wanted to also be a guiding light for others as an adult. Why Grace wanted to spend her career working with people who are involved in a life of crime and/or battling extreme addiction. How we can help and impact others with our own actions and beliefs towards why people partake in crime and illegal activities. The true power of addiction, and the way it can take hold of any one’s life and cause them to sacrifice everything, no matter their economic or educational background. That the more we work to stop crimes and perpetrators, the fewer victims we have. How Grace remains a positive and solution-based person with such a serious job, and how she learned early on to rely on her strong network of peers and career mentors for advice and support rather than bringing it all home. More about the Edmonton John Howard Society, and the programs they do to help provide housing, employment, and help for people suffering from domestic violence. How Grace stayed afloat managing such a big program with only herself and one other person after her budget got cut. What Drug Courts are, and why it helps provide people with a second chance that can make a life-changing opportunity exist that wouldn’t be there if they went straight to jail. A few of Grace’s success stories from people that enrolled in the program and turned their life around. 

Quotes: “Take a look in your community to see that maybe life isn’t so good for some people.” “ There are reasons people commit crimes.” “Addiction is more powerful than anything else.” “You have to keep yourself positive in order to survive.” “Drugs are not choosy, they will take anyone out.” 

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