Oct 12 - 2022

Week 5 – Cooper Rush to the Waiver Wire and Trade Strategy

About the Episode

There is the occasional show on That Helps No One! FantasyCast that brings solid advice you can use in your home leagues or really any league you’ve been a part of for awhle.

Trading is part of the game and there comes a time when trading needs to happen; whether it’s early like Week 6 or at the trade deadline, know what you want on both sides of the deal, don’t expect to hit a homerun every time and be a grownup about everyone elses trades. You have no idea how they got there.

THNO Stars this week once again had a few tight ends and a few backs. You can assume one of them was Taysom Hill.

As for starts, Ryan swings for the absolute fences this week which may or may not pay off for him. The receipts are here for the taking.

Chris wasn’t able to join the show this week but he left everyone with some valuable, awkward, info.



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