Jun 3 - 2022

“Whistleblower” David Wallace On The Klondike Papers Russia, Doug Ford/Russia. Clown Convoy & Plymouth Brethren Church

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

Ontario VOTES! Today! So Imagine our surprise yesterday when self-proclaimed “Fixer,” Press Progress, set the internet on fire with news of Doug Ford’s people communicating with Russians Oligarchs about doing business in Ontario.

THEN imagine my surprise when “whistleblower” David Wallace reached out to James to talk to us. Right?

David is a very interesting character and in no way is this an expose. David has sent packages to every daily MSM outlet in Canada outlining who he has allegedly worked for over what he describes as “30 years of doing this shit”. Press Progress confirmed some of the details of David’s Ford/Russia allegations (David and William Moore engaged with Russian diplomats/oligarchs, passing that information to Frank Klees who then gave it to Dean French (Dougie’s old COS). But David has WAY more to say about the entire Christo Fascist movement and he says the Plymouth Brethren Church is driving it all and Evangelical Lawyer Gerry Chipeur is their bag man.

*It needs to be said these are allegations David is making according to his receipts. We can only confirm the reporting of Press Progress has been published at this point.

Jada broke her silence about Will slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars and she’s a total moron.

Speaking of dumb people, Johnny Depp took out Amber heard in Johnny’s $50 million civil trial yesterday.

She was guilty of lying in a defamatory piece she wrote about being abused by Johnny Depp which, as it turns out, was a huge lie. Johnny is now $13 million richer and Amber Heard is BIG MAD so look the fuck out if you live with her.

We talk about the absurdity of it all including the idea we have to believe allegations against anyone before they are proven in court.

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