Aug 18 - 2022

Who’s Got Next?: Sports Heroes Who Let Us Down | Influence of Twitter | Respect Frozen Food

About the Episode

When you’re a kid, professional athletes can be role models. You look up to them, you try to mimic your life to be like them. But what happens when those sports heroes let you down? Social media is a powerful tool that allows us to build connections with people all over the world. However, there is a darkside to social media. There are people who use it for evil. Social media can also shape how we think about certain things. Social media has created a mob of “guilty until proven innocent.” What impact does social media have on court decisions? Celebrity chefs have inspired generations of home cooks to show off their culinary flair. But what about the people who expertly prepare frozen food on a night-by-night basis. Is it time to start putting respect on the names of the frozen food chefs?   

Even when you’re discussing serious subjects there’s always room for laughter. The Who’s Got Next? Podcast is four friends sharing a laugh and doing everything they can do to make you laugh. 

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