Sep 4 - 2022

Why is it important that Blue Jays fans stay patient with Bo Bichette?

About the Episode

I’ve been watching MLB compilations of terrible umpires. How can Major League Baseball hold umpires more accountable? Football season is right around the corner and that means we get to see if our favourite players try to live up to expectations. Which NFL player are you most looking forward to watching ball out in week 1? Bo Bichette was the hero Saturday night against the Pirates. Why is it important that Blue Jays fans stay patient with Bo Bichette? The expectations are now the highest they’ve been in a long time for the Buffalo Bills. Can the Bills respond to the pressure and live up to the astronomical expectations? Bayern Munich is in third, Frieburg is in first. Robert Lewandowski is scoring in Spain and Erling Haaland is scoring in England. Is it time to stop making fun of the Bundesliga? 

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