Sep 25 - 2023

Worst Places To Have Sex & We Roast Each Other

About the Episode

In the 85th episode of Calgary’s beloved yet polarizing podcast, the hosts unveil their “MFers of The Week,” (5:00) with Taylor Swift and Kevin James making the cut. Following that, they embark on a mind-bending journey in “Fax No Printer,” (18:15) where they present astonishing facts that may leave listeners questioning reality. The show takes an intriguing turn as they introduce a fresh segment, “Host Roast,” (34:18) examining the potential roast-worthiness of their own actions. Brace yourselves, for this segment could potentially bring the podcast to a close. As tradition dictates, the episode concludes with “NAILS” featuring the Worst Places To Have Sex (56:00) and thought-provoking “Shower Thoughts of The Day.” (1:11:54)

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