Mar 19 - 2019

You Can Always Still Be Somebody with Kristina Botelho

About the Episode

Kristina Botelho had every reason to fail. Between a challenging youth where she was in and out of foster homes, becoming a teenage mother, and the general challenges of starting and running a business, this woman had a lot on her plate in all senses of the word. However, she knew at a young age that her story was one that was going to be big, bold, and thankfully — not normal. Today, she joins the Inner Circle to share her own experience of changing her thought patterns to manifest into tangible success, and why we should all accept nothing less than greatness in ourselves and our experience in the world. She also talks about how plant-based foods changed her life so much that she now has one of the tastiest and thriving plant-based businesses in Edmonton, Kb&co. 

What You’ll Hear in This Episode: Where it all began for Kristina in B.C., where she was raised in a large family that moved a lot and experienced much financial hardship. A very honest and open description of her early relationship with her own mother, her foster homes and how she was pretty much on her own by the 7th grade. The way being in foster care inspired her to be the best mom she could be and show her own children the life she always dreamed of. What partying looked like for her. Not at the typical age, but at the very young age of 11. Why Kristina thinks she didn’t follow the “typical” path, and how our past does not define our future. Her experience of becoming a young mother, which resulted in her moving with her husband to Edmonton. How she began her business career and worked up enough nerve to purchase a Quiznos franchise by the age of 20, and what she learned right away from entering this fast-paced new world. How Kristina mixed her own love of a plant-based diet with her entrepreneurial dreams and business sense. More about her own discovery that a plant-based diet worked wonders for clearing her health issues, and why she is so passionate about whole foods. Her meditation and visualization practices, and the real-life ways they have benefitted her. The most popular dishes at Kb&co. Yum! How she changed the story she was telling herself about money to reflect abundance.

Quotes: “I was 11 going on 19.” “I wanted to prove to people that I could be somebody, and I could do something with my life.” “I’ve always been a dreamer, and I’ve always wanted big things.” “The easy part is giving up, and that option never existed.” “Trust your gut, and stay in your own lane.” “I need to be hands on. I love to sweep and mop, I love to clean, I love to be in the kitchen.” “The greatest compliment someone can give me? That they love the food.”

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