Jul 21 - 2022

Yousef Badou

About the Episode

For Spear Talk 117 we welcomed Yousef Badou to the show! Yousef is a former Marine Infantryman with multiple combat tours, and an industry leading expert in the areas of Situational Awareness and Behavioral Analysis.

With over 12 years experience, he has trained and certified over 6,000 Students and Instructors around the globe.

He is routinely utilized by the FBI, Joint Regional Intelligence Centers, Overseas Advisory Council, and all levels of Military and Law Enforcement! 

In our discussion, we covered his time time as a US Marine infantryman and what experiences in combat led him into behavorial analysis, his S.A.F.E. traning program, how to mitigate potential risks and threats, recent active shooter situations in the world today, and so much more!

#yousefbadou #situationalawareness #activeshooter 

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