Mar 23 - 2023

174: Mattie Leon ‘Backroad Medicine’ Album Premiere Special

Jeff Woods

About the Episode

Remember “World Album Premiere” radio specials? This is just like that, but only available as a podcast as Jeff welcomes the return of the uniquely voiced sweetheart of an artist who debuted on Records & Rockstars in Episode 56 (Oct 2020). Mattie Leon brings his acoustic guitar, and an elpees worth of tunes produced by Mark Howard (Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Willie Nelson, The Tragically Hip), and Mattie and Jeff dig into the songs with stories behind them, featuring four cuts directly off the album, and Mattie plays two more key cuts live at Jeff’s Wild Woods Blue Studio. Hailing from Hamilton, Mattie is a craftsman on guitar and piano, with sensibilities informed by the songwriting of the sixties and seventies. His voice, whether soaring or soulful, is his own. At his side is Mike Leon, Mattie’s drummer and longtime collaborator. Together, they’ve become a captivating example of the unique thing that happens when siblings share the studio or stage.

Mattie, Mike and longtime bassist, and multi-instrumentalist Nelson Sobral (Episode 72 March 2021) did things the old fashioned way; recording everything together in the same room. The result is ‘Backroad Medicine’, out March 2023 on Castlemore Records.

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