Mar 23 - 2023

Street Sweeping Canucks, Clay is Team Pepsi, and World Cup Hockey

The PP1 Podcast

About the Episode

Clay Imoo aka Canuck Clay joined Ryan this week on PP1 Podcast and if you know Clay, it didn’t disappoint.

We got into Team Pepsi vs. Team Coke and would Clay still promote the Canucks with either drink?

There was talk about which Canucks team is currently in front of us via a reCaptcha graphic or if we should focus our frustration on Fanatics as the NHL’s new jersey supplier.

Has the skate jersey been enough of a distraction to keep people from losing it on the Canucks? Possibly.

Clay updates on the vibe check at Rogers Arena and Ryan crowns himself a philospher talking about streets sweepers and the Canucks.

We finish with the news of a new Mighty Morphin Power Rangers reboot and Ryan… is not happy.

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