Mar 20 - 2023

That Nerd Dad: Joe Williamson

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About the Episode

Finding time for yourself is an important part of parenting. That Nerd Dad Joe Williamson is a self described loving father and adequate husband. He talks parenting, pop culture, politics and more while his kids are asleep.

This week, we spoke with Joe about the challenges of parenting in 2023, like how do you avoid screwing up your kids in one way or another? Is it even possible? Joe gives his perspective on that and much more, and also shares what made him want to start a podcast about it.

That Nerd Dad Podcast is all about the joys, trials and tribulations of parenting, as well as discussing the political and social landscape from a parent’s perspective. Joe regularly interviews experts in things like conflict resolution, pediatrics, and mental health for parents and kids. Recently, he’s also been running a series of episodes called Live on Lunchbreak, which shifts the focus to more current events. You can check out his latest episode here, or find his whole catalogue on Crier Media.

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For a full transcript of this episode, click here.

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