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Jul 1 - 2024

Denver Wine Radio


About the Episode

Paul Bonaquisti is the owner of Bonaquisti Wines and the host of Denver Wine Radio. In this episode, you will hear Paul discuss the unique challenges and opportunities of urban winemaking in Colorado, highlighting the importance of educating the public on the distinction between winemaking and vineyard agriculture. Matt inquires about the best white and red wines in Colorado, and Paul shares their personal journey into winemaking which started with Paul watvching his father open the winery in the 80’s.

As you will hear – it is more than a winery with Bonaquisti Wines hosting events with food, cocktails, music, people and a podcast. At the end of the episode, Matt shows the Coloradio Sangiovese that Paul hit a home run with in 2022. Matt drank it over the weekend and can confirm it is awesome!

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