Mar 7 - 2023

Minecraft’s Privacy Prodigy and the Importance of Online Safety Education for Kids and Teens

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About the Episode

In this episode we connect with Microsoft’s Kim Kunes, General Manager of XBOX Trust and Safety. We discuss Privacy Prodigy and how it is being used to educate children and teenagers on privacy and personal safety on the internet. The pandemic has forced children to learn in a hybrid way, which has led to the increasing use of digital environments for education. Minecraft Education Edition provides a fun and immersive environment for children to learn about privacy and security. The video also discusses the opportunity for other games and experiences to provide educational content. The gamification of learning is becoming more popular and is helping children to socialize and learn in new ways. Finally, the video talks about the importance of parental involvement in their children’s gaming experiences and the partnership between Xbox and Microsoft to provide parents with more control over their children’s gaming activities.

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