Jul 14 - 2024

The Exciting Form Factor of Foldable Phones – Samsung Unpacked with Patrick O’Rourke


About the Episode

Samsung Unpacked event showcased new devices, including the Fold 6 and Flip 6. The devices offer refinement and no compromises compared to previous generations. Patrick O’Rourke joins us to talk about the announcements. The form factor of foldable phones is exciting, providing a full-size smartphone that takes up less space. Galaxy AI features are likely to make their way to other Google devices. The Galaxy Ring, a smart ring, may have a niche market but may not be in high demand. The Galaxy Watch Ultra fills the exercise and rugged niche in Samsung’s ecosystem. Upgrading from previous foldable devices may not be necessary, but the new devices offer refined designs and mass appeal.


00:00 Introduction to Samsung Unpacked and Patrick O’Rourke’s History with Samsung Devices

02:05 Refinement and No Compromises: The New Samsung Devices

03:27 The Exciting Form Factor of Foldable Phones

03:53 Galaxy AI: Features for Samsung and Google Devices

06:17 The Niche Market of the Galaxy Ring

08:06 The Galaxy Watch Ultra: Filling the Exercise and Rugged Niche

11:55 Upgrading to the New Samsung Devices: Is It Necessary?

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