Mar 29 - 2024

BBQ GODS Mel Chmiler/Aron Pakan from “Greasefire”

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

Today’s pod is a little different. It’s not every day you get a 280lb BBQ pitmaster in a leopard print bathrobe dishing on the culture of BBQ.

Mel Chmiler from Dark Side of the Grill joins us with Aron Pakan from MEAT in Edmonton to talk about their new show featuring your boy, Lochlin Cross, called “Greasefire.”

Mel is a World Champion Pitmaster who just returned from competing in Australia. Aron operates “MEAT,” Edmonton’s premiere BBQ spot. Lochlin is an unemployed radio host who doesn’t know how to cook and they drink on the job.

Sounds like a great show.

We covered:

Vegan protesters

BBQ is a male genetic thing

Greasefire shooting and some key sponsors willing to take a chance on Lochlin learning how to become a chef.


White Claw Breakfasts…

The Craft Beer scene in Alberta

Enjoy, visit MEAT in Edmonton and follow Dark Side of the Grill on Instagram! Mel is Burt Kreischer approved!

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