Mar 29 - 2024

Canadian Wrestling Legend Massive Damage | P-Diddy Update

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

On today’s show, Dean and Lochlin talk to Massive Damage from Monster Pro Wrestling in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Massive is a 53-year-old 30 year veteran of independent wrestling.

Canada doesn’t know how good they have it when it comes to passionate wrestling entertainers that think their backyard is the world stage.

Massive Damage is one of the more inclusive, fun, loving wrestling promoters in the country!

We get into the evolution of MPW and how much he loves Justin Trudeau (thank God for disclaimer). And a brand new documentary he is part of called the Death Tour, which also features Chris Jericho!

We also decided to update everybody on the Puff Daddy situation. If you can call a worldwide sex trafficking, ring, money, laundering, drug running and gun running a situation.

Everybody is coming out with their own Puff Daddy stories including E Ness, former friend and band member, who shed some light on Puff Daddy’s experiences that might shock you.

MPW on Facebook:

MPW on Instagram: @mpwwrestling

NOTE: Fire Loc a note if you want on #TheLOCKERROOM MPW Guestlist for the show in Edmonton at the Alberta Avenue Community Hall next Friday, April 5th!

LOC ON TWITTER: @LochlinCross











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