Apr 19 - 2024

| Dean Drank | Trudeau Stepping Down | IBLP |

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

We’re back, and Dean has a story for anyone who decides to drink after quitting. Dean looks at the wellness journey through a lens of moderation and cognitive responsibility and has some notes to share with anyone with a sober history who wants to drink again.

Loc and Dean gave some more backstory on the Trudeau government pretending to tax the rich ONLY. Who’s getting fucked over by proxy, and what that means for his political future.

PM Trudeau’s political future looks like it’s ending. Warren Kinsella on the Charles Adler podcast leaked that Trudeau’s faithful are organizing leadership bids for Domenc Leblanc and Mark Carney. We discuss the relief the country will feel regardless of who we vote for.

We also talked about the IBLP Christina cult the Duggar family subscribes to, and Dean wants to remind everyone he’s been warning you all about Abrahamic extremism for some time, but NOOOOO, you wouldn’t listen.

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