Hey, Liberals. Can you start doing your job?

Jason Pugh Sep 16, 2023

Pierre Poilievre has been leader of the Conservative Party of Canada for a year now.

Yes, he cheated to win leadership of the party, but Canadian media decided that any leader cheating to win leadership of any party isn’t newsworthy. (Surely, they would treat any other leader who cheated to win with kid gloves like they did with Poilievre, right?)

Breaking: Canadian Press Gives Poilievre a Pass

So, that story barely made a blip. This might be a rough estimate, but I think Poilievre’s stunt on that Westjet flight got about 1000 times more coverage than his cheating to become the leader of his own party.

Watch: On Anniversary of 9/11 Pierre Poilievre takes to the skies to sink to new low

So after yelling at Canadians for years, trying to convince everyone that their lives are a living hell, Pierre’s handlers decided to give him a makeover.

So he went from unhinged lunatic:

To this:

Pierre Poilievre Premieres Pretend Pleasant Personality. (And Twitter responded!)

So, instead of his usual chalkboard-scratch-that’s-taken-human-form self, he came off more like this:

    (Prince Valium from MGM’s Spaceballs)

The nice guy act was apparently working so well that the Conservative Party of Canada decided to spend $3 MILLION on Poilievre’s image.

Pierre Poilievre: The Triple, Triple, Triple Million Dollar Man

Along with the makeover came dreamy ads on what a great family man PP is along with campaign style attack ads.

Earlier this week, the CBC’s Hannah Thibedeau asked Liberal MP Kody Blois what his party plans to do about these campaign/attack ads:

“A lot of Canadians don’t yet know who Pierre Poilievre is and what I think is really important is we’re going to be showing Canadians. He has been a member of parliament for twenty years. He has said alot of things on the record that Canadians don’t know about.”

“Again, in my own riding, I go back, and my constituents don’t like to see extremes either way, and what they see in Poilievre, in a number of the conversations that I’ve seen, is that he is extreme.”

“Making sure that Canadians know that there’s a concrete plan to be able to tackle the issues of now and today but also show who Mr. Poilievre is to the majority of Canadians.”

Great. All I have to say to Mr. Blois, to Prime Minister Trudeau, and the whole Liberal Party of Canada is: WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

Now individual Liberal MPs have been posting on social media showing how extreme Poilievre is.

Mark Gerretsen has done a great job with posts like this:

And this:

Individual MPs posting on social media isn’t enough. It has to be from the party and blasted out on ads during every hockey game.

Oh, I know there’s some strategy behind this. Or, at least, I’d like to think there is. But why wait?

There’s twenty freaking years of him being a complete ass as a Member of Parliament. And that’s just his voting record.

You could start with this:

Then go on to this:

Then you could call him out on his hypocrisy on the housing crisis:

If Canadian media has all but forgotten about Pierre Poilievre cheating to win leadership of his party, perhaps you could remind them (which I will continue to do at every opportunity):

I know the Liberal party probably doesn’t want to stoop down to Poilievre’s pig-shit level. However, you can’t let the Conservative Party of Canada, which has been completely ‘Reformed’ into a party of alt-right trolls, continue to set the narrative.

They will never stop spreading negativity, hate, fear and division.

As Blois said, you have Pierre’s twenty-year record that you can use to show Canadians who he really is.

This Prince Valium makeover facade just goes to show that Pierre Poilievre is a phony and a fraud.

Canadian media sure as hell isn’t doing their job holding Pierre’s feet to the fire, and it sure as shit shouldn’t be left to us regular people on Twitter to do so.

Hey, Canadian Media. Can you start doing your job?

It’s time for the Liberal Party of Canada to get to it and at it.


Jason Pugh

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