Jan 27 - 2023

#105: Grocery Store Bandits – January 15th 2023

Fuckin'Eh Podcast

About the Episode

Live updates of Matt’s digestive issues. Magic trick, watch these glasses “disappear”. Consulting artificial intelligence for promotional help, and to fight parking tickets.

Rolls Royce record sales numbers, the “haves” are Gucci. We advocate heavily for stealing more groceries. Space hotels are coming, but will you be? 😉 Replika chatbot friends are getting aggressively creepy.

Hold on to your glasses folks. Robot Chris Hansen is on the way to save the day!

*Music Produced by David Felton, @deefeltmusic on Instagram/Tiktok
*Show Artwork created by @TheMightyQWorks on Twitter/Instagram

Twitter/Instagram/TikTok: @FuckinEhPodcast
Have you been harassed by an Artificial Intelligence? Tell us your story: [email protected]
Show Notes and Article Links: disinformed.ca/fuckineh

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