Nov 21 - 2019

#182 The Dean Blundell Show

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

On the 182nd episode of the Dean Blundell Show, Gonzo graces us with his presence. In today’s installment, we discuss Trump’s impeachment. Gordon Sonland the United States Ambassador to the European Union sang like a canary in front of congress and threw everyone under the bus. Dean thinks they are all going to jail. A mouth breather in Toronto threw a champagne bottle off a balcony, have we learned nothing from chair girl! Mike Babcock was fired 5 hours after we went off the air, Dean called it as you will hear in this podcast. There is new male birth control, where you have to inject a needle in the base of your penis that works for 13 years. Would you do it? We discuss. We close with an umpire quitting mid-game because he was called short. The audio is great.

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