Jan 6 - 2020

#198 The Dean Blundell Show

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

We are back baby! Sorry for the delay, we were on vacation! Deaner, Shawn, and Gonzo discuss their holiday breaks. Shawn ate like pig, introduces Dean to the Snacko and Dean gives Shawn some advice on parenting classes and the miracle of childbirth. Gonzo pulls the move of the new year and acquired Shawn’s game-worn Toronto Maple Leafs jersey and presents it to Shawn on the podcast! The TSN center ice camera helped Canada to a World Junior Gold Medal. We get into Canada’s tournament and Shawn shares his experience playing in the WJHC. We close with Sheldon Keefe turning around the Leafs’ season, trade rumors with Sharks and Dean found out a life hack to shave hours off unwanted holiday parties.

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