Mar 28 - 2024

Avocados, Kesler Poems, and Oat Milkers feat. All The Kings Men

About the Episode

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The playoffs are coming soon, Canucks fans, soon. But, until then we have to wait and watch the games happen. This week, we welcome Jesse Cohen of All The Kings Men Podcast and fun fact, he’s an employee of the LA Kings as well.

We get into his poems about Ryan Kesler, the mutual hate of the Vegas Golden Knights, and the Canucks are kind of who the Kings fans want to see in Round 1.

Jesse goes into detail on his fave Kings jerseys, Quintin Byfield’s awesomeness, and how, get this, the NHL Draft should be abolished; You’ll like that part.

We do Top 5 jerseys that aren’t the Canucks and it’s about as much a deep dive as we’ve done on something.

We reveal our winning t-shirt design as well.

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