Apr 21 - 2022

Mike Tyson F*cked Someone Up On A Flight, Will and Jada Are Divorcing, Urine Therapy, Johnny Depps Poop Testimony & Bill C-18 With Michael Geist

The Dean Blundell Show

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#MikeTyson fucked someone up on a flight and the guy totally deserved the beating. The video is insane. Where are we at with natural consequences? I mean, you should never kick anyone’s ass unless they are trying to beat yours but I’m on Team #Tyson here.

#Will and #Jada are headed for divorce court.

#JohnnyDepp is killing it during his defamation trial against notorious boot licker #AmberHeard. Wait till you hear johnny’s poop testimony. It was Amber’s poop, btw.

#UrineTherapy is destroying thousands of lives in the anti-vax community and Dean is totally here for it.

Dr. Michael Geist stops by to talk about how the Canadian government is trying to make the internet subject to government overwatch, leaving it in the hands of SUPER crooked Canadian MSM outlets like Bell and Rogers. Dr. Geist takes us through the seeming collusion with government agencies and Bell, Rogers, Telus, etc, and the MAJOR cash windfall MSM outlets stand to get from big tech and the government.

How YOU can help feed Ukraine by buying a cool shirt!

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