Mar 10 - 2023

The Greasy Business of Canadian Politics

The Dean Blundell Show

About the Episode

Douglas Connors from the True North Eager Beaver takes a DEEEEP dive into some political commentary Dean wants answers for:

– what the fuck is going on with the “Chinese Election Interference story?? Seriously are they fucking us? They are fucking us, aren’t they? 

Not really. Douglas explains:

– The origin of the Chinese Espionage story

– Why Canada plays footsie with the CCP (MONEY BABY!!!)

– The Liberal /Conservative connection (both parties have been blowing them for years but Stephen Harper bent all the way over for Team China

– News Cycles and stories – The Chinese Thing replaced the Nazi thing pretty fast thanks to Robert Fife (reporter at the Globe who’s admitted to “torquing” dozens of stories during his career.  

It was great to sit down with Douglas. I learned a lot about China, and how MSM floats stories to get rid of other stories unfriendly to their executive relationships. And it’s fucking GREASY.


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